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Real Wins for Charities

charity bike build, Crowe
Chicago Youth Programs and West Town Bikes receive bikes for their children's programs this June

As a facilitator for charity benefit team-building events, I've had the pleasure of working with companies large and small across a huge industry spectrum. I've found several things common to most of them.

First, most people are NOT excited when they hear the words "team building." Whether it is a bad past experience or a stereotype imprint from shows or other people, many think they'll be forced into cheesy, embarrassing activities led by a cheesy facilitator. While these have been real, in most events, it's not like that.

A second commonality is that most people are open to and excited about benefiting a good charity. Once there is an understanding that the workshop is about coming together to have fun while giving to a group that works with kids or vets or the elderly, people become motivated.

Third, most participants end up having a great time and feel really good about working/playing together in an effort to give back.

The most important thing I've seen is that every charity that receives items from charity team building events done by businesses and corporations is doing valuable work and the donations really do make a difference.

One of the strong benefits of being a facilitator for events like these, is that I get to meet and hear about the incredible work of so many that is selfless, loving and impactful. Foster care supporters, children's hospitals, first responders, boys and girls clubs, veterans organizations. There are so many doing such caring work for those in need. The bikes and bears and care packages, backpacks and wheelchairs and wagons with learning toys. All of these make a great imprint on the lives of some of the most vulnerable through people who give their lives and time.

I hope to share some of those in the future to encourage you that there is in the world and for extra motivation for you to Be the Good.

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