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Johnson & Johnson and Serious Fun Animania Show Love for Kids!

J&J Creates 75 Stuffed Animals with Serious Fun for Somerset County Social Services

Social Services of Somerset, New Jersey work hard to take care of the people most vulnerable in their county. This includes children affected by homelessness, abuse or parents loss of income. When a leadership group from Johnson & Johnson contacted Serious Fun for an interactive team experience that could benefit the community, the match seemed natural. J&J’s event planners chose Serious Fun Animania for the event.

Serious Fun exists to bring smiles to business and beyond. Each workshop and experience we provide is full of fun and laughter and gives hope and happiness to someone in need. This great group of people from Johnson & Johnson made this easy. And because taking care of the community is in the company credo, it is not limited to an event or small group. It is their culture.

Together we worked to assemble 75 stuffed animals to present to Somerset County social workers Denise and Angela. They both shared how much impact a simple gift of kindness can make to children experiencing difficult circumstances and that these animals will give a great deal of hope and happiness to a lot of kids and families. What a great connection!

Thank you J&J for allowing Serious Fun to be a part of your culture of care.

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