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Come Together

“Come Together” is a multifaceted, 1/2 day workshop designed to draw people   together with better understanding about themselves and others.  Serious Fun developed this workshop to combine three elements into one event: team building at its finest, a charity benefit, plus a simple and painless

personality assessment.  Everything is very interactive and fast paced to encourage interest and experiential learning.  

For groups of eight to sixty, “Come Together” will especially help teams that are newly formed or merged. The activities and outcomes built into this offering allow people to draw together as a whole team and on a personal level.  The Serious Fun format makes it easy to do the following:

  • Get to know one another better.  

  • Your people will be prepared to identify and overcome personality differences in a safe setting. 

  • Challenging but fun tasks will reveal opportunities to work together through competition and cooperation.  

  • Everyone will have a great experience and feel good about giving to a fantastic cause. 

Visit to learn more.

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