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Bring The Happiness With You

This is the first of the Nine Essentials to Empower People. It is based on the idea that you have a large measure of control over the happiness in your life which also results in a powerfully positive impact on those around you. Rather than relying on your circumstances or other people to bring happiness, you can take the reins. Instead of becoming a victim of negative events or people, turn the tables and become the hero of happiness. There are days in life that this is work. Truths are not limited to what is happening around us, but instead are highlighted in challenge. There is much more to this Essential, but here is a brief mention of healthy practices, as it relates to inflating your happiness:

*Check yourself in negative conversations. There is a phrase “bad company corrupts good character.” It could be said that bad conversation corrupts a good outlook. If you find yourself in a conversation that has gone south, get out! It could be that someone is stuck in a very negative personal place or that a third party is being talked about in an unkind light. You can get out by 1. Helping someone to see some good 2. Making it known that the talk has become unhealthy and for everyone’s good, and maybe the focus needs to change 3. Physically leaving the conversation.

*Don’t read too much news (and never read the comments) In our current age, news has become more and more negative and divisive. And no matter the article tone or subject matter, comments get ugly and hateful. Who needs that?

*Smile-Interact-Connect-Listen-Respond positively. A smile has the ability to change everything. If followed by a human interaction and care, the impact increases. When someone else is talking, pay attention rather than waiting for your opportunity to talk. When you do respond, help others to see a silver lining or light at the end of a tunnel. Pointing out anything positive is helpful and hopeful. Real human interaction is powerful. You have the potential to literally impact a life.

*Intentionally and attentively look for good. When life is hard and the people in your life are hard, this step can then be..hard. You must be purposeful. Many people have difficulty seeing themselves as anything but a victim of bad luck. Their mantra becomes “Nothing ever goes my way.” Find the good. You may have to pan through a lot of rough stuff to get there, but there is gold in every life’s stream; it’s the same thing with people. There is some good in everyone. Focus on that instead of what drives you crazy.

*Prune the drags when you have necessary. Sometimes you do everything you can to listen, tried to look for good and work to bring happiness, yet there are those who refuse to be lifted up. In some scenarios you have to move away from what can be a toxic relationship. That sounds very harsh. This should be the exception, not the rule. Too many times we want to quickly move on from people we don’t like or who are just not fun to be around. Remember it can take time to change a mindset, so don’t give up too soon. But if you find yourself in a negative relationship that causes you great frustration, anger and negative thought, without hope of changing, then you may need to get out temporarily or permanently.

Happiness is a mindset. It is a mindset that you have power over. When you bring happiness you benefit yourself and everyone else around you. Make the right choice. Be the good.

This article is a snippet from the “Nine Essentials to Empower People,” a workshop designed by Steve Sweeney to enhance corporate culture, home life, and the world, for good. Steve Sweeney is a true believer in using fun to communicate. The context of play and laughter creates opportunity for connection. It also sets a great tone for driving home serious points. Every organization can benefit from some Serious Fun! Visit to learn more.

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