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We believe there is power in fun, when it is taken seriously and applied correctly.
All of our workshops start with fun. That is the cornerstone for every event. Well designed fun breaks down barriers, endears people to one another, helps to diffuse tension, opens doors for dialogue and creates memorable and impactful experiences.

Serious Fun Making workplaces better

inside and out

The Nine Essentials
to Empower Any Team
E9 can be presented as a keynote or delivered in a two to four hour interactive workshop. This program covers what it takes to encourage and motivate those around you.
Managing Conflict
This custom offering is built around your needs. It can be one or two full days and incorporates elements from the Nine Essentials, along with Patrick Lencioni's "5 Dysfunctions of a Team" and "Ideal Team Player".  Learn to handle conflict honestly and appropriately.
Charity Benefits
With friendly and fun competition as the backdrop, each of these team building events gives back to communities and charities in some way. See below for more.
Full Spectrum Teams
Serious Fun has partnered with Full Spectrum Communication to offer you a set of workshops that build around a simple yet effective assessment. Your team will have a great time talking through strategies to improve communication and collaboration while gaining greater understanding and appreciation of those around them. Click the PDF to learn more.

Research shows that when we have fun with others, these experiences have a positive effect on building trust and developing communication.

Charity Benefits
Every event has your group in teams of 4-8. We create a friendly competition through a series of fun cooperative challenges. Participants will earn parts or items specific to the event. You don't need to worry about any workshop details. We handle getting all materials, supplies and tools to the venue. We will find and coordinate all details with a charity or work with one of your choosing. We will work with you and your venue to make sure everything is in order and ready to go. Your biggest detail is deciding which of the great workshops to choose.
Mealtime Giveback
Want to do a charity team building workshop but there is just no time in the agenda? No problem. This event meets that need.  And it requires very little space to pull off.  Teams are given a series of Jeopardy style question packets which challenge their knowledge of history, your company, music, pop culture and more. They collect parts for any of our builds in the process all while they are having lunch if you want! Teams with the best trivia score are recognized In a 45-60 minute meal time, the entire very fun workshop is complete. 
This fun and engaging event will see each person assemble a stuffed animal.  Those animals are then given to groups who work with kids in crisis.
Serious Fun Bikes
Teams of 4-7 work to put together bikes quickly and efficiently. We often connect with your local Boys and Girls Club, but bikes can be donated to any local charity that works with disadvantaged kids.
Serious Fun Care Fest
A Care Fest will see your team donating care packages to your desired organization. Common areas of focus are local school children, active military personnel, veterans and children's hospitals.
Come Together

Serious Fun developed this workshop to combine three elements into one event: team building at its finest, a charity benefit, plus a simple and painless personality assessment. 

For groups of eight to sixty, “Come Together” will especially help teams that are newly formed or merged. The Serious Fun format makes it easy to do the following:

  • Get to know one another better.  

  • Identify and overcome personality differences in a safe setting. 

  • Experience fun challenges to reveal strategies for working together through competition and cooperation.  

  • Have a great experience and feel good about giving to a charity. 

One strong advantage to being a smaller company is that you will experience a highly personalized event from your first call of inquiry to post event follow up. It is likely your first conversation will be with the guy who will facilitate your event.  But don't let that fool you. We are small but mighty and can handle groups of any size.


Steve Sweeney


Steve spent the majority of his career working with teenagers and training others to do work with teens. Energy and fun are required working in that demographic. Having spent some time in the “normal” business world and then being asked to develop fresh programs for the team building industry, Steve recognized that events for the corporate world are most successful when they include the same kind of fun and energy, albeit adapted to professional environments.  The response has been fantastic! Steve’s appeal is that he really does care for people and  listens closely to clients to ensure the best workshop outcomes.  

From factories in the Midwest to the financial district of New York City, Steve has learned that everyone likes to laugh together while having fun and giving back.  People love to have Serious Fun with Steve. Below are a few of the companies he has worked with:

Sage Therapeutics, Johnson & Johnson, Misumi USA, Crowe LLC, Microsoft, Wise House Oils, Comcast, Charles Schwab, BCLS Landscape,  Murphy USA, Goodin Ground Maintenance, American Airlines, McDonalds, Cisco, McCormick Spices, Genentech, T-Mobile.

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